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quality criteria

Quality criteria

Quality criteria for Ayurveda eures

An Ayurveda eure is a tuming point in life for many people.
The thorough deansing and the intense contact with body and mind can give insights that let one’s whole life appear in a new light lt is therefore all the more important to choose the right eure for your own constitution and life Situation!


Ayurveda – wellness retreat or Panchakarma?

Due to the Ayurveda boom and the associated commercial interests, but also due to non-authentic sources, there are some widespread misconceptions about Ayurveda cures:
Many think of an Ayurvedic retreat as oil treatments and massages for relaxation and wellness – however, one must clearly distinguish between a mere Ayurvedic wellness retreat and the intensive detoxification process (Panchakarma). Panchakarma is an extremely effective, but also exhausting balancing treatment, which is mainly used for more severe imbalances, but also for prevention. The following criteria of a Panchakarma should be met:

• Panchakarma should only be carried out under the supervision of an Ayurveda specialist.

• Panchakarma should at least take 14 to 21 days (the shorter the more exhausting for the organism). An authentic Panchakarma in India or Sri Lanka takes 10 to 12 weeks.

• The diet should be adapted to the phase of the Panchakarma as well as to the person’s individual constitution

• Information on the preparation and follow-up of Panchakarma should be provided.

• Information on the elimination procedures used during Panchakarma should be provided.


The suitable place

The question whether Ayurveda should be experienced in one’s own country or in countries of Ayurveda’s origin has been and still is discussed at length.
At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong, the decision
depending on many factors, but always also on a person’s needs. Ayurveda eures in lndia or Sri Lanka only make sense if you have enough time. During a two-week Ayurveda eure in Sri Lanka, the jet lag, the dimate shock and possibly also the culture shock can do more damage than the Ayurvedic treatments can
compensate. Possible language barriers can also significantly
compllcate communication with the responsible doctor.
As it is more beneficial to the treatment process, an Ayurveda eure in one_’s own cultural and climatic habitat is generally more recommendable. On the other hand, a cure in an „Ayurveda country” is often cheaper and gives unforgettable impressions of culture, people and nature of lndia. However, a Panchakarma
eure in an Indian clinic is only recommended for experienced Ayurveda and lndia connoisseurs. Care and hygiene in trad1tional facihties often do not meet our needs.

lmportant note: The quality controls for Ayurved1c preparations in lndia are unfortunately still insufficient. In order to avoid
possible pollutants, a critical attitude 1s lmportant. lt 1s not
advisabte to make uninformed purchases in lndia.

Nowadays, there are also Ayurveda clinics in tndia and Sri Lanka, which are run by Western doctors and therapists -but there the prices there correspond more or less with the European ones.

Outpatient or inpatient?

Many Ayurveda specialists in the West offer outpatient Panchakarma eures. 

You live at your home and come to Ayubowan Ayurveda Center daily for your treatments. However, this 1s only recommended for people who can follow all Ayurvedic prescnptions at home and are not stressed by family or work obligations.
As soon as Ayurvedic treatments are used to rebalance dosha imbalances, outpatient treatments are less recommended, because the treatments are performed daily or at least every two days and they are very intensive in their effect. An inpatient cure also serves to bring the patient back to himself mentally, and
everyday issues should be eliminated as much as possible. The inOuences of the environment can even have a harmful effect, because our organism is strongly sensitized and needs sufficient protection during the treatment period.

Short stays in authentic Ayurveda

They are rather not recommended. Why?

After the consultation, applications with or without our precious and rich herbat oils will be performed according to your dosha imbalances, even you stay only a few days (85% of the effect in Ayurveda is due to the herbs in the oils).
lf you enter this short stay with pre-eKisting imbalances, you may weit experience a reaction in the form of more or less severe headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. In the Panchakarma eure these are „normal and wanted” reactions – they are just a regular transition on the way to the success of your eure. We are here for you, we’II see you through – which we cannot in case of a few days’ stay only. So you possibly leave our resort during_an already initiated balancing, don’t feel too well and can no longer imagine any help from Ayurveda. To spare you this disappointment: Make 1 an appointment with us. Visit our resort, see everything at your leisure, ask your questions, get to know our staff and then decide on one of our stays of about one week. Here you can already feel authentic Ayurveda – an effect of our treatments, nutrition and supplements. In case of reactions as described above, we will be able to see you through in any case and after your stay you will feel a pleasant relaxation, have more energy and balance: your face will be proof. Furthermore, after this stay you will have a real idea about our resort, treatments and our Ayurveda specialists. New you can decide. 

We do not do price dumping, but maintain the value of the authentic Ayurveda concept of our house.

This is as follows:

We attach great importance to deta1led and comprehensible consultation and information. A friendly, well-trained team awaits you at our clinic, which is committed to looking after your interests and takes your needs seriously. We want you to feel comfortable and in good hands. Careful work and detailed consultation naturally require more time. We are happy to take this time for your concerns and listen to you carefully. Our focus is on the individual with his or her health imbalances.
On top, we have created a feel-good ambience that shows a little bit of the origin of Ayurveda.