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Ayubowan Ayurveda Center Bad Berleburg

Tough Times
Strenghten your immune system
with the power of you Own resources

"Ayubowan" means long life.

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Welcome to the Ayurveda Center

Authentic Ayurveda awaits you at the Ayubowan Ayurveda Center.

This includes a professional team of authentic Ayurveda specialists, therapists and chefs from Sri Lanka

with a traditional Ayurvedic treatment individually tailored to you,

and kitchen as well as rooms and treatment rooms in which you will feel comfortable.

Our house only accommodates Ayurveda guests, no distractions from package tourism.

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Ayubowan Ayurveda Center

A wide range of Ayubowan services


What is Ayurveda?

The term Ayurveda comes from Sanskrit and is composed of the words „Ayur” for „life” and „Veda” for „knowledge, wisdom”. Ayurveda is therefore the „knowledge of life”.

Ayurvedic Cooking

The knowledge that certain foods support our body with all its functions better than others and that some ingredients can be helpful in balancing the out-of-balance doshas underlies Ayurvedic cooking.

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For each newly recruited guest, you will receive an additional day free of charge in addition to your booked treatment.

Guestbook entries

What do our guests say?

Feedback from our customers is very important to us. And when it reassures us that we’re good at what we do, we feel extremely motivated to keep working and evolving. You can find these and many other reviews of our work under „Guestbook Entries”.

A big thank you to the complete ayubowan team, especially to Dr. Wasantha and Saman and to the famous cool Ganga for creating all this exceltent meals. Every treatment, every Yoga lesson, every walk was prowiding a little bit of „coming to earth” again.


At the right time in the perfect place! THANK YOU to everyone who made this week unforgettable for me. You MUST visit this wonderful house, run with passion! See you soon!

A. P.

Dear Karin,
what heavenly hosts led me into your wonderful Ayubowan – they were divine.
I am filled with gratitude, peace, happiness and love for all the good things that have happened in your home.
Heart, blessed hands, deep knowledge and lived wisdom – a great gift that I was allowed to share!

G. Segen

Dear Ayubowan Team,
Thank you for your care and loving work to make our stay here so pleasant.
Thank you Karin for creating this place.

I’ll be back!!!


70% of our customers

come on recommendation.

And why? We value authenticity in every way, so our guests trust us to do well at what we do and that’s why they recommend us to their friends. Here are some of the factors that affect the quality of our services.

- Staff originating from Ayurvedic culture.

5 excellent therapists and Ayurveda specialists (Sri Lanka and India). An Ayurvedic chef and an Ayurvedic cook.

- Authentic Sri Lanka products

The products are sourced from a reliable supplier who pays attention to the highest quality.

- Life and work according to the principle of Ayurveda.

We ensure the right climate and a pleasant atmosphere both during the treatments and in the entire facility.


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