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Holistic and conscious eating

At Ayubowan you can get to know the authentic Ayurvedic cuisine from Sri Lanka. The knowledge that certain foods support our body with all its functions better than others and that some ingredients can be helpful in the therapy of certain diseases is the basis of Ayurvedic cuisine. We offer you the so-called „Three Dosha Balanced Diet” every day. This cuisine includes both local products and fresh Ayurvedic vegetables, herbs, spices, rice etc. procured for you from the cities around our region (e.g. Frankfurt, Cologne, Dortmund etc.). We will be growing some of the herbs and vegetables ourselves in our own greenhouse from spring 2021. All meals are lovingly prepared for you by our cook and served on a pre-heated plate – no buffet. Should a special diet be required due to the diagnosis of our Ayurveda specialist, this will also be prepared individually for each guest. In addition to the preparation, the way of eating plays a major role. Ayurveda attaches great importance to conscious eating. Attention is focused on touching, tasting and enjoying. If you like, try eating with your fingers in the traditional Sinhala way!