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Don’t expect a trendy wellness trip with a few massages here and there!

At Ayubowan, Ayurveda is carried out according to all the rules of authentic Ayurveda in a family atmosphere: Massages and treatments by extensively trained therapists as „caresses” for body and mind, an individual analysis by our Ayurveda specialist and a treatment plan tailored to you, as well as Ayurvedic food supplements. The concept of your stay with us includes yoga and meditation as well as fresh Ayurvedic cuisine that will support the balance of your doshas. Ideally, „switching off” also includes switching off your mobile phone. You will also look in vain for coffee, cola, alcohol and cigarettes at Ayubowan. After a few days you will perhaps experience for yourself that giving up something doesn’t mean missing out, but rather gaining something. Please contact us if for any reason you are unable to abide by our rules. The success of detox and recovery depends to a large extent on how well the treatment’s elements work together.