Ayurveda Specialists

Everything begins with an encounter. Get to know our Ayurveda specialists. They will analyse your dosha constitution via your personal Ayurvedic pulse status and give you recommendations for your diet, your attitude to life, your exercise and relaxation rituals. On request, they will put together a very personal programme for you.

Personal Ayurvedic Pulse Status €55 

Personal Ayurvedic pulse status and thorough analysis (full body) €90

Personal Ayurvedic pulse status | Analysis of constitution / doshas | Recommendations for nutrition | Attitude towards life | Exercise and relaxation rituals.

* On request, our Ayurveda specialist will put together your very own personal programme.

Starting from €55


from €55


  • Beauty Room - possible beauty treatments - see separate notice in front of the Beauty Room

  • Shadow work and breath meditations with Connected Breathing "The soul comes to speak", carried out by Ms Yvonne Marx – www.reconnectwithyoursoul.net



Purify, detoxify and gain new strength with our Ayurveda cures!


from €2.475


Shuttle Service

If you need a shuttle service from or to the train station / airport: Contact us!

We will help you organise a relaxed journey to and from the center.


Within a radius of 10 km FREE OF CHARGE

Winterberg, Erndtebrück, Bad Laashpe €40

Marburg €130

All our treatment plans with the offered cures are based on the initial consultation by our Ayurveda specialists. Here, a very personal, individual treatment plan is put together according to your doshas (constitutional type). For this reason, some treatments (each on average approx. 2 hours) may be omitted and/or other treatments added.

Our Ayurveda specialists are happy to answer your individual questions.