Close to Town - Authentic Ayurveda in the Wittgenstein region? A little piece of Sri Lanka between slate and forest is possible. Visit us at the Ayubowan Center in Bad Berleburg.

The Center

24 differently designed rooms with great attention to detail
1 dining area with the possibility to retreat in order to restore lost balance or simply to enjoy the peace and quiet while eating, with individual tables
Spacious relaxation room with various lounging and retreat options
1 small library with a lot of natural light, park view, with books to browse through plus information material about the center, about various topics on Ayurveda,
A separate garden house, heated if necessary,
1 fitness room which can only be used if the Ayurveda specialist informs you about the sports facilities,
1 beauty level with various possibilities for fat reduction,
infrared cabin with ICR radiation,
bath barrel,
face mask-photon therapy,
infrared pressure treatment followed by lymphatic drainage,


Satisfied clients


Years of experience


A total of 24 rooms of which:
15 single rooms with 25-27 sqm
6 double rooms with 35 sqm // single occupancy €30,00/night
2 suites with 55 sqm // single occupancy €40,00/night
1 suite with 2 bathrooms with 50 sqm // single occupancy €50,00/night

What to expect

not only soothing wellness massages in an appealing Far Eastern atmosphere, but truly authentic Ayurveda. This includes a professional team of authentic Ayurveda specialists, therapists and chefs from Sri Lanka with traditional Ayurvedic treatments and cuisine individually tailored to you, as well as rooms and treatment rooms where you will feel at home.

3 good reasons to choose us

Reason 1 - Our Ayurveda specialist Dr. (SL) Uditha Prabath KEPPETIGODAGE.

Few offer authentic Ayurveda. He does, he lives it. Not only that, as with many generations, the art of authentic Ayurveda is passed on in the family, and thus it was given to him as a destiny, so to speak, but also his training, his accumulated experience - first in the Ayurveda clinic in Sri Lanka, then for 8 years in an Ayurveda clinic in Poland, 6 years of which he had his own practice in this clinic. He broadened his academic horizon with a degree in chemistry, which at first does not seem to fit with Ayurveda. But through the knowledge of chemistry, Dr. Uditha gains the deepest knowledge of the connections of our nature to herbs, food and minerals. He is dynamic, yet radiates a wonderful calm and optimism that has its roots in Ayurveda. Dr. Uditha has again deliberately chosen a place, this time here in Germany, where he can carry out his love and experience of Ayurveda in its authentic way. Here he has found his place. You will experience him as a responsible Ayurveda specialist at your side all day long. In many cases he does not miss the opportunity to perform the treatments himself. His all-round supervision will do you good. His calm and friendly manner will quickly make you trust him.

Reason 2 - Our Ayurvedic cooking 

Here we have a chef in our team, Inoka, who completed her theoretical training as an Ayurvedic cook in a school in Sri Lanka. Parallel to this, she has completed her practical training in well-known Ayurveda hotels with flying colours. She has a full command of her cooking in authentic Ayurvedic style. She knows all the herbs, ingredients, spices and vegetables that are necessary and important for authentic cooking - without further prompting. She only needs to be called out when guests who require special treatment are here. She then receives this call from the Ayurveda specialist in charge. She implements these instructions professionally. But this does not mean that her cuisine is "only" healthy. No, she always manages to make health taste delicious and the eye, which, as we all know, eats with us, gets its money's worth. Nuwanthi is a cook with heart, body and soul. If something remains on the plate - she always has to know "why".

Reason 3 - The Eldorado for nature lovers

Here you will find the nature paradise of Southern Westphalia with mystical places to go, as well as 77 hectares of natural forest, where the forest is once more allowed to be forest. Here many endangered small animal species find their "habitat" again, here you will find the Wittgenstein Slate Trail, nature reserves, numerous biotopes, rocky landscapes, wild bison and much more. We will use this wonderful nature to be able to perceive our meditations in their origin. Be curious. We can also find ourselves here with long walks in silence, whether individually or in a group. We put together the right package for everyone's Ayurveda stay.