Experience meditation in its original, natural form - be curious

In the morning, before breakfast, the company's own shuttle bus takes you to the "end of the world" about 7 km away. Here you can only find pure nature and further on you can only walk on foot. Here you can expect a fast, fairy-tale forest structure , approx. 25 ha "Schiefe Wand": here the forest is allowed to live and die as nature intended. Along the way, some forest sculptures made and brought here by well-known artists await us, all beautifully integrated into the natural structure of the forest. A suspension bridge completes the whole thing. We go in any weather. Each time we get a different impression of the forest, sometimes with fog, sometimes with a sunrise, when it has rained with the swollen watercourses. Even in the pouring rain, equipped with a Regge suit and poncho, this hike always creates new impressions. The majestic and mystical aura of the forest descends on you. If the weather permits, we are happy to sit down in one of the many possible places for meditation. Another completely different experience. Then it's back and the delicious Ayurvedic breakfast lovingly prepared by the kitchen awaits us



This hour always begins with a form of meditation that is important for further self-treatment at home (after final consultation and instructions from the Ayurveda specialist), e.g. pranayama, walking meditation, guided meditation with various topics. Our "yoga class" is not just a pure yoga class, but only includes yoga sequences, since for us the focus is on the individuality of the individual person and yoga cannot cover this alone. It is particularly important here to address the existing problems, i.e. related to the group and here to the special problems of each individual. For example, various methods of removing blockages, treating lymph (can be learned at home), simple methods against the number 1 widespread disease in Germany (our back) are offered, as well as an effective short program - adapted to the dosha types - for cardio training that can be used by almost everyone is applicable. It would be good for you to attend these classes as they are an integral part of our holistic approach.