• 13 nights in single or double room
  • Ayurveda Intensive {Panchakarma) A treatment plan will be individually designed for you after consultation. According to your dosha type some treatments may be omitted and/or others added.
  • Ayurvedic full board
  • Ayurvedic drinks
  • Initial and final consultation with the Ayurveda specialist, determination of the constitutional type (Dosha) and definition of the treatment plan, daily supervision by Ayurveda specialist if required
  • (3-5 treatments/day accordtng to the Ayurveda specialist's instructions • may vary on arrival and departure days) e.g. massages: head and face, neck and back, synchronised, relax, intensive, foot and full body I herbal colon deansing I enemas 1 Shirodara (warm oil therapy on the forehead) 1 Pinda Sveda
    {herbal stamp massage) 1 Udvarthana (herbal powder massage) 1 eye treatment I Nasya inhalation I Pichu toil doth for your aching body areas) 1 Katl Vastl (oil therapy with dough basin) 1 Aashpa herbal bath I Svedana steam bath, and many more
  • Yoga, mental and physical problem solving, lymph wor!{ (to be continued at home), meditation or forest sculpture morning hike {approx. 1 hr.) according to availability
  • Use of bathrobe, fitness equipment and infra red sauna
  • Wi-Fi (free of charge)
  • Local visitor tax (included)


In order to receive the full range of treatments on the day of arrival and departute, we recommend you to arrive by around 11 a.m. If you will be arriving later, please let us know your arrival time well in advance.

Departure can be in the afternoon therefore lunch on the day of arrival and departure already included and the room can usually be used until after lunch on the day of departure. 

Head and face massage | Neck and back massage | synchronosed, relax or intensive massage | Foot massage | Full body massage | Herbal colon cleansing | Enemas | SHIRODHARA (warm oil therapy on the forehead) | PINDASVEDA Herbal stamp massage | Eye treatment | NASYA Inhalation | PICHU (oil cloth for your aching body areas) | KATIVASTI (oil therapy with dough basin | SVEDANA Steam bath | AASHPA SVEDA Herbal bath