Shadow and Sunny side

You struggle with yourself. The beautiful old trees in my park. But I decided to use this shady situation simply as a chance...  Make a virtue out of the "necessity". Trees and shrubs are a good investment.
They can be valuable in more ways than one:
- They mitigate or protect against wind. You can even save on heating costs with them.
-They provide shade in hot summers and cool the house.
- They act as a barrier against noise and exhaust fumes from nearby roads.
- They protect the view of the property and thus privacy. At the edge of the property, trees are a good finishing touch.
- They are aesthetically pleasing as a woodland community, as many shapely perennials grow in the shade under trees. Think ferns and shade grasses, too.

When I wrote these things down for myself, I chose to go with my beautiful old trees.

Authentic or German

Here, too, I had to find a middle ground. For me it was important to find therapists, Ayurveda doctors, cooks (SL. and IND.) from the countries of origin of Ayurveda for our resort, so that the therapies are as close as possible to authentic Ayurveda. Unfortunately, as is so often the case, there is a small drop of bitterness ----- Here it is the language -----
It is already spoken in German, but maybe not always completely understandable. But it doesn't matter, in this case a person who speaks our language is always at your side.

Just let us know, we will help as quickly as possible (preferably at the time of check-in)

Female therapists for the women...

This is also an issue from time to time. Since it is unthinkable in the countries of origin not to be treated by a same-sex therapist, some have taken up this topic and projected it onto Germany. The reasons for this can be very different in our European countries. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get female therapists from SL or IND to Europe.
In the countries of origin the female therapists can bring family, household and occupation under"a hat". Since we had to make the experience that German female therapists stand behind their profession with a completely different empathy, we have also said here - as authentically as possible under renunciation of the female therapists from the countries of origin.

Here we have also found what I think is a good solution. The female guests/patients are then treated by our Ayurveda doctors SL/IND (specialists ) also with the Ayurveda therapies. If this should not work at all, we have to hand you over to the centers with female -probably European- therapists.