I would like to book an Ayurveda stay, what about my dog or cat?

Here at Ayubowan, we have had our trial period with our four-legged friends. Due to many requests, we have thought about how we can make it possible for our dog owners to experience an Ayurveda stay with a dog. You have to be aware that there are some days when you cannot or are not allowed to leave the house for a few hours due to the treatments being carried out on you, and the dog has to go outside. The four-legged friends are then walked by us. Of course, this is only possible if the dogs can be walked by another person. Dog blankets, water and food bowls are provided. Your four-legged best friend is welcome to come along. All Ayubowan staff are animal lovers and would be happy to welcome and walk your dog.

In the house there is a cat project with 6 veterinarian cats - they are happy to be stroked, but please do not feed them. The risk for our cats of inappropriate food is too great.