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Welcome to the Ayurveda Center

At Ayubowan Ayurveda Center authentic Ayurveda awaits you.

This includes a professional team of authentic Ayurveda specialists, therapists and chefs from Sri Lanka with individually tailored traditional Ayurvedic treatments and cuisine as well as rooms and treatment areas where you will feel at home. Our house accommodates Ayurveda guests only, so no distractions from tourism.

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For each newly acquired guest you will receive an additional day to your booked stay without charge.


Ayubowan Ayurveda Center Bad Berleburg

Am Breitenbach 4-6, 57319 Bad Berleburg

Phone (+49) 02751 / 920 88 47 - Monday to Friday 8 to 16 hrs

 (+49) 0172 / 600 14 38

Appointments can also be made by Email.